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Financing created for Lincoln,
and crafted for you

The Lincoln Motor Company and Lincoln Automotive Financial Services share the same client-centric mindset. We focus on providing financial options as individual as our drivers. And we offer programs and tools like our Account Manager, designed with a true respect for your schedule and unique preferences. We also provide you with unparalleled access to exclusive offers and incentives on new Lincoln vehicles.

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Purchase a Lincoln

New and Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln vehicles come with many advatanges: 
  • Flexible terms 
  • Unlimited miles
  • No charges for unexpected or excess wear and use
  • Build equity toward a trade-in
When purchasing, here are exclusive Lincoln Automotive Financial Services programs to consider: 

GAP Coverage

In the event of vehicle loss, this optional coverage steps in when insurance proceeds do not satisfy your contract balance. GAP Coverage Protects Your Vehicle Financially You've made an investment in your Lincoln and GAP Coverage was created to protect that investment. If your Lincoln is stolen and not recovered or if it's declared a total loss, your insurance company may not pay enough to satisfy what you still owe. 

GAP Coverage is designed to bridge that gap. With certain restrictions, it waives the difference between your current outstanding balance (subject to conditions) and the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss.

For an added level of protection there's GAP Advantage, which provides a $1,000 down payment on a new or pre-owned vehicle purchased at the originating dealer.

GAP Coverage Options

Learning about both of the plans allows you choose accordingly

Flex Buy Program

Flex Buy Program Utilizes two payment levels so you can plan ahead. A lower payment level earlier in the contract, followed by a higher level.
If you have any questions, we're ready to help walk you through all your available options.

Lease a Lincoln

There are a number of reasons to chooose Red Carpet Lease:
  • Choice of terms, such as 24- and 36-month leases
  • Multiple mileage options
  • Lease payments tend to be lower than those of similar term financed purchase
  • No trade-in to worry about
  • After satisfying your lease-end obligations, you can:
    • purchase or lease a new Lincoln,
    • purchase your lease vehicle, or
    • simply return the vehicle.

Mileage Options

We offer eight lease mileage options to suit your specific needs. Choose from 7,500 to 19,500 miles per year. Drive more than 19,500 miles per year? You have the opportunity to secure more when you initiate your lease.

GAP Protection Benefit

Gap Protection may waive the difference - or gap - between your insurance payoff and your outstanding lease balance in the event your leased vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss. This unique benefit is built into your lease. With Gap Protection, provided you have the insurance required by your lease agreement, you are only responsible for the insurance deductible and amounts owing (ex. past due payments) at the time of the incident. Certain restrictions may apply.

Advance Payment Program (APP)

We offer our clients the opportunity to prepay all monthly lease payments up front in a single, one-time payment. This allows you to drive without giving monthly payments another thought. Keep in mind, lease-end obligations still apply.

If you have any questions about whether financing or purchasing is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us at (530) 895-8181 and we'd be happy to walk you through your options. At Lincoln Group, your satisfaction is our priority.

Finance Your Vehicle with Ed Wittmeier Ford Lincoln In Chico, CA

We at Ed Wittmeier Ford Lincoln are very excited to have and impressive financing center for you to take advantage of. Buying a new Lincoln vehicle can be overwhelming if you don't have the right attention and the right tools. We are very eager to work with you because we know that we can help you and stay by your side through the experience. Check out a little more on our helpful financial center.

Leasing Vs. Buying

We know that the Chico, East Tahoma and Yuba City areas will be very excited to hear that we can help you find the perfect vehicle at a great rate. We are happy to explain to you the differences and benefits of both leasing and buying a vehicle. When you purchase a vehicle, you have gained a piece of property. However, your car payments can often times be more than you would like them to be, and you must pay off your vehicle in full.

Leasing will allow you to rebuild any damaged credit while also enjoy a new vehicle. However, when you lease, you will have to keep your vehicle below a certain mileage, and you will also have to make the decision to lease a new vehicle or buy your vehicle outright when your leasing period is up. We are eager to go into further detail about both leasing and buying.

Helpful Staff

Our staff understands the need to give you attention, and the need to work with you closely. That's one reason that they are all very experienced and eager to help. We will answer any of your questions and welcome you to come in for a visit to find out more. We can't wait to work with Oroville residents to find the perfect vehicle at a competitive price.