Pick the Perfect Pre-Owned Model for You at Wittmeier Lincoln

Selecting a brand-new vehicle for your home has obvious benefits, so it takes a keen eye to notice the perks of choosing a pre-owned model. If you're not afraid to stray from the crowd and follow your path, then a pre-owned vehicle might be ideal for you.

It is possible to score excellent rates on a high-caliber ride. All you have to do is visit Wittmeier Lincoln in Chico, CA, and review our pre-owned inventory until you discover the specific model that satisfies your tastes.

Enjoy a Variety of Pre-Owned Vehicles

While our new inventory features some of the latest Lincoln models, we also want our customers to exercise their choices. That's why we supply a broad selection of pre-owned vehicles that covers a spectrum of automotive brands and styles.

Sedans and Sports Vehicles

Athleticism comes in many forms, and we have the pre-owned sedans and sports models to prove it. When you head over to Wittmeier Lincoln, you can select a sleek set of wheels that matches your unique preferences.

Legendary names such as the Honda Accord enable you to show off a streamlined shape while cruising around Yuba City with confidence. To balance your agility with a degree of luxury, you can also go with a model like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 550.

If prowess and pomp alone are not your forte, you can lean on the old-fashioned muscle of a sports model such as the Ford Mustang. However you prefer to traverse the road, you'll discover the perfect vehicle for you at your Lincoln dealer in Chico.


We understand that many of our customers juggle busy routines, so we provide a rich collection of SUVs. Whether you need room for extra equipment or the entire family, our SUVs can accommodate your plans.

Five-passenger SUVs give you the ideal balance between cabin and cargo space. You'll have enough room for a few people while leaving plenty of volume for extra equipment. Of course, three-row SUVs work well if you want to invite the whole gang for an event.

Whatever your lifestyle looks like in East Tahama County, you can choose an SUV from our pre-owned inventory that supports your needs:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Volvo XC60
  • Jeep® Wrangler
  • Toyota Highlander
  • GMC Yukon
  • Infiniti QX80

Lengthy road trips and group outings become more manageable when you choose a pre-owned SUV at Wittmeier Lincoln.


Various businesses around Chico have pressing deadlines to meet, and we want to be a part of the solution. If you're searching for more firepower to propel your company forward, look no further than our lineup of pre-owned pickups.

Renowned trucks such as the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500 bring a tireless spirit to the workplace, handling tasks throughout the day. Plus, we also showcase models such as the Ram 3500 for your heftier loads.

Wittmeier Lincoln understands how essential local businesses are to the Chico community, so we provide the trucks you need to bulk up your fleet. Expect your production levels to rise when you choose a pre-owned pickup at your Lincoln dealer.

Receive a Range of Benefits When Selecting Pre-Owned

Besides expanding your horizons, our pre-owned inventory offers a suite of advantages for your budget. No longer do you have to worry about losing value since pre-owned vehicles avoid initial depreciation and deliver lower monthly installments.

Plus, more recent pre-owned models come with some of the latest advancements. You can still secure high-tech features when you choose a pre-owned vehicle at Wittmeier Lincoln. This way, you pay less for more benefits.

Explore Our Pre-Owned Inventory at Your Lincoln Dealer in Chico, CA

The pre-owned path opens up a world of possibilities, giving you access to even more models and flexible financing options. To take advantage of these perks, head over to Wittmeier Lincoln in Chico and pick the pre-owned vehicle that fits your preferences.